The Other Campaign: Indigenous Voices of the North - Part 2


The Other Campaign: Indigenous Voices of the North/ Palabras Indigenas del Noroeste Part 2

(Promedios, Chiapas Indymedia)



“Cucapas and Kiliwas 9,000 years later”

(Spanish with English Subtitles 58 min)

The Cucapas and the Kiliwas live in northwestern Mexico. The Cucapas live off the fish found in the delta of the Colorado River but the government has now prohibited them from fishing there. For the Kiliwas, who live in the mountains, the situation is graver yet: many had to abandon their land, leaving in their exodus a ghost town with only five native speakers left. Cucapa and Kiliwa families share their stories of what it is like to live on the edge of extinction.


“From San José de la Zorra, northwestern Mexico” (Spanish with English Subtitles 15 min)

The Kumiai indigenous people live in Baja California. The displacement from their ancestral lands by large landowners in collaboration with the Mexican state has placed their survival as a “first nation” at risk. The few Kumiai that dare to resist the land expropriation are threatened with death. In this context, a delegation of Kumiai meets with Sub commander Marcos and members of the Other Campaign in San Jose de la Zorra, on October 17th, 2006.