Pueblos Unidos

Pueblos Unidos: Swine Flu Ground Zero in Mexico
Directed by Felipe Casanova and Miguel Ángel Díaz
(Spanish w/English subtitles, 57 minutes, 2009)



In 1994, with the consent of the then Governor of Veracruz, the US transnational industrial pig farming company, Carroll Farms started operating in the valleys of Cofre de Perote in the state of Veracruz, Mexico. The farmers of the region thought that the company was going to bring them benefits by creating jobs but they soon became disillusioned and realized: industrial pig farms don’t bring benefits to the communities rather they contaminate the air, land and water. The farmers began to express their anger, they got organized and began to protest. In complicity with the company, the Mexican government fabricated legal claims against five members of the La Gloria community. With time, the farmers had reason for their anger: in 2009, the terrible epidemic of swine flu began in La Gloria and has now spread and threatened the entire world.

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