Education in Resistance


Education in Resistance/Educacion en Resistencia

(Tzeltal & Spanish, English subtitles, 20min, 2000)



The Mexican Constitution states that every citizen has a right to a free education. For many Mexicans, especially those of indigenous heritage, this right has never been realized. Education in Resistance looks at the education system that the Mexican government has been providing to indigenous people in Chiapas and why they decided to create an autonomous educational system. Elders describe their experiences in government schools, where they had to pay to attend and often experienced physical and psychological abuse. Education promoters in the autonomous system speak about their desire to teach in their communities, the importance of teaching bi-lingual classes, how military presence affects daily life and parents express their hopes for their new educational system.


Documental sobre la construcción de un sistema educativo autónomo que fomenta el uso de las lenguas nativas, el trato digno para los niños indígenas y la recuperación de las costumbres de sus comunidades. Este video nos permite conocer la situación actual de este proceso de las comunidades indígenas en resistencia



2000, Vermont International Film Festival, Burlington, VT USA

2001, Arizona International Film Festival, Tucson, Arizona USA

2001, Channel Islands Film Festival, Oxnard, CA USA

2001, CONAIE Indigenous Film and Video Festival, Ecuador

2001, ImagineNative Aboriginal Media Arts Festival, Toronto, Canada

2001, Second Film Forum for Indigenous Peoples, Zurich, Switzerland

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2006 Skábmagovat Film Festival, Finland