The Bad Harvest


The Bad Harvest/La Mala Cosecha

(1998 14:30 min, Spanish w/ English subtitles)


Purpose of use

The Bad Harvest (La Mala Cosecha) is a collaboration between indigenous and non-indigenous videomakers which documents severe food shortages in 1998. A six-month drought followed by heavy rains and flooding destroyed 50% of the corn crops and 80% of the bean crops. This natural disaster, combined with the constant harassment by 60,000 troops and coupled with extreme poverty and marginalization, left the communities with few options.


Realización Binacional de videoastas indígenas y no indígenas, que recoge el testimonio de campesinos afectados por un año de sequías así como las repercusiones que trajo la falta de maíz y fríjol, productos en la alimentación de las comunidades indígenas de Chiapas.




1999, Chicago Latino Film Festival, Illinois USA

1999, EarthVision Environmental Film and Video Competition, Santa Cruz County, “Honorable Mention” CA, USA

1999, First People’s Festival, Montreal, Canada

1999, Museum of Modern Art, “New Documentaries Series,” New York City, NY USA

1999, The Other America Film Festival, Austin, Texas USA

1999, Vermont International Film Festival, Burlington, VT USA

1999, Free Speech TV, Boulder, CO USA

2000, Monterey Bay Film Festival USA

2000, United Nations Association Film and Video Festival, Stanford, California USa